It can easily happen to anyone, however, when one gets locked outside of his/her auto, not everyone is so extremely skillful to break in by themselves. Yet, it is rather tempting, and many people usually do break in their cars mainly because they want to avoid paying for the professional services of a licensed automotive locksmith.

However, both experts and people who done it already alike agree that there are some very strong reasons why people should never attempt to break into their own vehicles. Starting from the aesthetic to the practical and dire, here are some of the reasons you should never attempt to break into your own car, as seen by expert automotive lockout service technicians here at 365 Locksmith in Red Deer.


Personal injury risk

Crowbars or screwdrivers are the most common tool used in most amateur car opening attempts. However, both tools that can hurt people who do not have experience in working with them when their hands easily slip. This personal injury risk makes it even more challenging to get back into your vehicle and will probably change your end destination and force you to make a stop to the local hospital. Although it may seem that prying your car door open is just a walk in the park, it really isn’t, and you can run the risk of hurting yourself while attempting to do so.


Car damage

Next in line is your car. As how inexperienced average people are in dealing with car locks, it’s highly likely that you may end up breaking your car’s door lock, the window mechanism, or possibly even the window. Chances are also great that your amateur car opening attempt will scratch of the paint, or potentially dent the body paneling – both cases requiring costly repairs to be done afterwards. Why inflicting more damage and risk having to pay for these potential repairs, when you can save cash, time, efforts and a headache by getting in touch with the automotive lockout service experts at 365 LockSmith.

Legal repercussions

Trying to break into your car openly is not a common sight and there are chances that a police officer might assume that you’re a thief. Furthermore, your registration information is probably inside your glove compartment and you cannot access it in order to prove it is your vehicle. So, if this occurs, you will end up losing hours explaining to the officer what happened and who is the owner of the car – not a pleasant encounter especially since you’re already agitated by the fact that you locked the keys in the car. You also need to keep in mind that car insurance will generally not cover damage done to your car trying to get into it.


Making yourself a crime target


When your whole attention is focused on trying to get into your car, you may end up being a victim of criminals who see you as a target. When you are out in the open, without protection, your attention focused on something else, you may end up dealing with a thief who simply is ready to break your car window and steal the car himself.


It’s not as easy as it looks like


It’s really not simple nor easy for an amateur individual to break into a car.  It is much harder than nowadays with cars built with high quality anti-theft construction that makes it difficult for you to do exactly what you’re trying to do. In the end it is the best idea to call an expert to ensure that you can get access to your car safely and without damage. It is just as important to play it safe when dealing with your car as it is with your home. Thankfully there is technology that allows you to control your home from your smartphone. Maybe one day there will be the same technology for our cars.