With numbers of mishandled luggage soaring all over airports around the world – providing good protection for your luggage is now more than a must. Airports are getting more crowded as more and more people travel and commute by plane, thus turning airport buildings into a fertile ground for petty crime and theft.

Think your last air travel experience was rough? Just imagine what your luggage went through. We all rather hate the image of a wrinkled or misshapen suitcase when we land, however, this is due to the sheer amount of people generally in motion in airports, and the slightly forgotten focus people should have on protecting their belongings. Trust us, we have seen it all over the years at our Red Deer locksmith company.


Risks to both carry-on and stored luggage


Let’s face it – your luggage is always vulnerable to a form of theft. Even if you are carrying on your luggage on board the airplane, or if you checked it in, unfortunately it is constantly at risk. Carry on bags are usually separated from your hands during the flight so they are always considered an easy target especially during longer flights. It can be handled by people sitting next to you while you are asleep or by passengers putting their luggage into the same overhead storage bin. However, when it comes to stored luggage it is a completely different play. It is immediately separated from your person and remains out of your sight for the remainder of the flight. Unscrupulous baggage handling staff members have been known to rifle through luggage and snip items they like before putting the luggage in the plane’s cargo area.  The only way to mitigate the risks of having your bags rifled around is to protect them with a lock.

Protecting your luggage with a lock


According to experts, the best approach is to be sure that your bag or suitcase is protected with a powerful luggage lock to which only you will know the code or have the key. Such a high-quality luggage lock provides both material security, and with the much-needed peace of mind in knowing that a potential thieve will be surely prevented or deterred from opening and stealing from your bag simply by the appearance of your lock. Unprotected luggage is always considered a vulnerable target for thieves because they will not spend their time unlocking a bag protected with a quality luggage lock when they can simply take what they like from the unprotected one.

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