Hectic days in the office are not a rare phenomenon for most of us. They are not the perfect time to lock yourself out either, but, hey, it happens. Frustrating is the least you can use to describe a situation when you got locked out of your office. Not only it targets your movement, it can also cause a major setback in the practical operation of your business, and even turn into a security risks in an unwanted event of a fire or criminal activity occurring in the building while you are locked out of. Here at Red Deer Locksmith Services we have seen quite a few situations of getting locked outside of your office.


So, here are some basic tips on how to prevent being locked out of office and how to deal with it if it does happen.


Spare Keys – For those who played it smart, and have already been thinking about this, having a spare office key at home, your wallet, car, purse, or somewhere else secure is the best chance you can get in such an event. If this is the case, find your spare key and open up your office and act like nothing happened in between. Just rise and shine, retrieve the original key, make sure you put the spare key back where you found it in a safe and secure place. Be sure to never lose your spare key.


Call for assistance – Stay vigilant and work fast with what you have – use your cell phone. Try and reach some of your colleagues, a coworker, employee, guard or supervisor who might have a working key to the office. Try finding such a person and get their key and give it back to them once you get hold of your original. In the event that you’re the only person who is responsible for bringing the key, be practical from the start and suggest giving a spare key to another person who works at the office to carry around in the future.


Suggest to upgrade your building to a keypad entry – Having a key-less entry pad to unlock doors is an easy way to solve the problem of having multiple keys made for each employee. The other option is having key cards that allow different levels of access if there needs to be restrictions of who is and who isn’t allowed in different rooms of the building. However, you still run the risk of people loosing or forgetting their cards. So, keypads are an easy solution for any door.


Contact a Lockout Expert – If none of these ideas work, we got your back so feel free to get in touch with us, the round the clock lockout service experts here at Red Deer Locksmith. Our team will gladly assist you in regaining access to your office in a matter of minutes, providing full support, professionalism and on-call service at a competitive rate that will make you want to call us again next time.

On a side note, if you are traveling anywhere, be sure to get a lock for your luggage. One needs to stay diligent to be sure that their belongings will be safe. If you are not sure of which locks are best to protect your luggage, your local locksmith will have a variety of options to help you.