The future is now along with its tech breakthroughs. Just some cash, a solid Internet connection, and a smartphone are enough to turn your house into a ‘smart home’ that is secured by smart locks you can control via your iPhone or Android smartphone. Here are some helpful details from 365 Locksmith.


Advancements in Wireless Door Locks


The breakthroughs in advanced security technology not only intend to make our life more organized and simpler, they also aim at increasing the level of security in homes. Every house, apartment, or commercial location are also susceptible to the tech upgrades that standard locks get in the last several years. Many mainstream lock manufacturers now have remotely controlled locks that you can control from your smart phone or internet ready device in their standard offer. Every manufacturer installs separate mechanisms for remote operation, so you are not even required to replace the standard door lock you are already using. You just need to install a remote-control deadbolt, and you will get the ability to unlock your home in a case if you want somebody check on it while you are on vacation away from home, or simply let a relative or a friend to spend a night there although you are not there.


New Lock Technology Breakthroughs


It is good to mention one specific brand that manufactures wireless locks that can be installed without previously getting rid your old lock system is the Lockitron.  Their product can be placed right over the old deadbolt and works by using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication. In order to unlock the lock, simply use its featured mobile app and press the button. It cannot get simpler than this. It represents a fantastically convenient option for homeowners who want to be flexible, technologically advanced and hate spending time digging up the keys every time they go out.

Another great example wireless lock technology is the Schlage Nexia, which allows users to wireless control deadbolts, in addition to the feature of programming up to nineteen separate security codes that can be used to unlock the door. These codes can be given to individual members of the family, colleagues, manager and friends so that each can carry their own personal entry code. These codes can also be programmed to work only during certain hours of the day offering a great option for business owners or homeowners who want to let people in when they are allowed and limit access when they are not. It also helps prevent anyone from being locked out of the office or home due to forgotten keys.

The growing popularity of smart phone lock control, as it increases its popularity, offers an excellent platform and ground for making everyday life faster, more secure, safer, more practical and definitely way more efficient. Contact 365 Locksmith, to help you today!